The Mule Trainer (Throws accurately over 40 yards)

The Mule Trainer (Throws accurately over 40 yards)
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Model: MULE-SC02
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  The Mule Trainer is a handy, easily portable, non-electric, non-battery ball thruster specifically designed to duplicate the characteristics of a naturally struck soccer ball which includes spin, arc & flight of the ball; thus, delivering a precise ground pass, chip, cross, or shot to a designated height & distance up to 40 yards.

The Mule Trainer is:  60" Long X 30" Wide X 43" High; and weighs 176 lbs.  It is front heavy, on wheels, and moves about easily.  The rear pickup weight to wheel the Mule is approximately 35 lbs.  The Mule also folds up and fits in almost any small car.

The Mule Soccer System includes:

1)  The Mule

2)  The Mule Euro Training System: 

  • Mihaljevic European Training Method.
  • DVD Training Program.
  • Drill Cards for Coaches on the Field.
  • Plyometric Muscle & Speed Program.

The Mule Trainer carries a 3-Year Warranty.

The Mule usually ships within 7-14 business days.

Only The Mule can give players consistently accurate and realistic delivery of any type of ball that players will find in a game: Balls on the ground and in the air, chips, driven balls, and even bending balls are all easily and accurately delivered to players time after time… and at distances of up to 40 yards with the Mule Trainer.

Top coaches know that repetition is extremely important in developing skills, and The Mule’s consistently accurate, realistic delivery gives players the opportunity to efficiently and effectively work on skill development like never before.

The Mule is used by top teams in the English Premier League and other Pro Teams around the world.  College, High School, and Club teams of all ages use The Mule to develop highly skilled players..... Players that can make a difference in games. 

The Mule is the best, easiest to use, and most accurate ball-launcher in the world.                The Mule is the Ultimate Skills and Finishing Solution!  

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The Mule Trainer (Throws accurately over 40 yards)
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